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    Summerslam is the second tremendous show after the Wrestle Mania, will be conducted every year by WWE{World Wrestling Entertainment} and since last year it is being  conducted at  Barclays Center, New York after conducting this event for 6 years in Staples Center, Los Angles. The previous match was held on August 23rd of 2015. This year, the WWE Summerslam 2016 full show is scheduled for August 21st, 2016.

    WWE Summerslam 2016 Championship title results, Women's World championship, Intercontinental, World heavy weight, Universal, United States championship matches results, Live Stream online :

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    WWE Summerslam 2016 Full Show Undertaker match

    Summerslam is one of the biggest PPV events in WWE history and after the Battleground mania took fans into a frenzy, everyone is ready to take the heat of Summerslam. WWE Summerslam is schedule for August 21, 2016. Below are the preview details and analysis of each and every match and the wrestlers participating in it. The one day wrestling event full match report and WWE Summerslam 2016 results will be provided here as soon as the live matches begin.

    There will be Eight(8) championship matches taking place in Summerslam which includes a Women's championship and the Main men's WWE Championship title match

    Analysis and Preview :

    Women's Championship

    A partner for both the women wrestlers will be tagged and both the teams fight for the Women's Championship.

    Singles Matches

    Singles are the fights between two highly expected or unexpected opponents and remain as the highlights for the Summerslam. Two fighter battle it out brutally to win the championship.
    • The fight between Undertaker and Brock Lesnar was the most hyped thing ever of Summerslam 2015 with Undertaker taking the title home.
    Tag Team matches

    Tag team matches can be pretty exciting with so many wrestlers battling it out and what else can go wrong?Team members changing the shades and fighting their own team member. These things happen a lot in WWE.

    Tag team matches will be divided into Six man Tag team match, 4 man dual Tag team match and a normal Tag team match.

    Intercontinental Championship

    Intercontinental championship will be included with a Triple Threat match or any special match in which Three wrestlers will be battling for the title.
    • Ryback defeated The Miz and Big Show in Summerslam 2015
    World Heavy weight Championship

    WWE Summerslam Universal Championship

    United States Championship

    WWE Summerslam 2016 Championship matches results announced{updated} :

    WWE Summerslam brutal matches moments
    The rise of Undertaker
    • A single match between Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar is announced and confirmed fight in the WWE Summerslam 2016 schedule.
    •  John Cena vs AJ Styles battle
    • Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler Summerslam Full battle
    These are the confirmed battles for WWE Summerslam 2016 and if you want to watch WWE Summerslam 2016 Live Stream online, you can check this page for Live stream links and telecast links that will help you watch the most celebrated Wrestling PPV event for free.

    Happy Wrestling !!

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